Collecting wheat and Indian head pennies

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Published: 25th January 2011
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Wheat pennies were minted from 1909 until 1958 in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. Wheat pennies are becoming more popular than ever to collect. But with popularity comes the scam artist who try to get top dollar for worn piece of common junk, on some sites you will see things such as un-searched wheat penny rolls with Indian head pennies on both ends, OK here is a question if it is un-searched than how do you know it's a wheat penny roll? and NOT a Indian head penny roll? since it has Indians on both ends??? Or my personal favorite shotgun roll with 1909 dvb on both ends s??? and they list 100 rolls with 1909 dvb on both ends, But people can not seem to catch on, Pay 80-120 for this hoping and than open the roll and see 40's and 50's with a 1909 dvb on each end and still do not catch on Other scams are shotgun wheat roll with barber dime and Indian head on ends again how do you know to call it a wheat penny oll and not a barber dime and Indian head penny roll? You would think people were smarter but they pay top dollar for this junk looking for some unfound treasure seen these three dollar rolls go for close to hundred and people still do not get it. OH, How about the famous un-searched bag of wheat pennies in totals ranging from five dollar face value to hundred dollars face value. Well let's see they stopped minting the wheat penny in 1958, Do you really think there are bags of wheat pennies or have ever been bags of wheat pennies just laying around that no one checked for the few pennies that are worth a small fortune? or shotgun roll, bank roll, cookie jars, tin cans (in garage/attic/barn or anywhere else) or they will grade their coin two to three grades above what it really is, knowing the average collector looks at dates and does not know how to grade, so they call their junk an XF-extra fine when it is really a ag or g- about good or good, but the person looking goes to the price guide and looks up an XF , Wow 600 bucks, pays 200 for it, and winds up with a ag or g worth maybe 10 bucks. Other ways they will separate you from your dollar is calling it rare or key date when it is not, also use words like very nice coin or sweet coin or beautiful coin or rainbow tone, true some coins do tone, but when one person sells nothing but rainbow toned coins most likely they found a way to toned them artificially. Others use a stock photo and claim you will get one in XF,AU,BU OR MS and you pay top dollar and they will send you one that is fine at best. There are honest coin dealers out there, you just have to have some common sense and think a little.

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